I decided to create this blog for two reasons. Firstly for myself I wanted to write about my experiences so that I can look back on them in the future in an easily accessible place. Secondly I wanted to share my experiences so that anyone in a similar situation can get more information. A lot of foreigners involved with a Turk in Turkey tend to be located around the holiday resorts on the west coast however my experiences are primarily in Istanbul. Although the cultural experiences on other blogs will be similar I hope to help the minority who locate in Istanbul.

I intend to write mainly about cultural differences. There are a lot of obvious on the surface differences between my own culture (Irish) and Turkish culture yet it is not until you live in a place for a period of time where you begin to learn the cultural differences under the surface. This ranges from body language to the way people clean. However I also intend to discuss some more practical issues such as visas and studying in Turkey because I have experience with those situations. I also may share some Turkish recipes from time to time 🙂

Another hobby of mine is quilting, sewing and crocheting – my crafty hobbies certainly compliment my gelin desires lol. I love the handmade crafts of Turkey and I have been inspired a lot by them.


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