All about my experiences living in Istanbul, Turkey. I am Irish and my partner is Turkish. I hope to help others who are in a similar situation because I remember when I used to do google searches for information on Turkish culture and there was never enough information based on personal experiences. I also love to write so this is a great way to express my thoughts. I hope to touch on the issues of culture difference and culture shock as these are issues definitely you will face if you are in a similar situation.

Gelin is a turkish word which comes from the verb ‘gelmek’ (to come). In the past a new bride would come to her husbands home to live. While brides now tend to live in their separate accomodation with their husband, Turkish culture has a very close family connection and a bride is still viewed as being part of the family.

Another hobby of mine that is complimentary to my gelin desires is craftwork 🙂 I love quilting, sewing and crochet. I hope to share some of my work which has been influenced by Turkish culture too.

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. It’s not easy getting acclimatised – but worth the effort. Well done for taking the time and trouble to write a blog about your experiences. I’m sure others in a similar situation will appreciate reading and knowing they are not alone.


  2. Hi! Thanks for liking my post! I’m still working on my blog so pleaae be on the look out for me haha! you have a great blog by the way! I do hope you’d so a lot more of craftwork posts. More power to you 🙂


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